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Techlogix helps its clients develop solutions to optimize

healthcare IT investments for better business and care outcomes

as well as new platforms for their innovative care delivery model.

Techlogix helps its clients develop solutions to optimize healthcare IT investments for better business and care outcomes as well as new platforms for their innovative care delivery model.


Are you innovating and inventing new care delivery models or clinical workflows that leverage new technologies like mobile and video and integrate patient data from diverse sources?

Are you seeking new ways to realize value beyond your EMR investments by identifying strategic IT initiatives that will contribute to measurable business objectives and care outcomes?

Are you looking to integrate and liberate data from all sources to deliver deeper insights to your users so that they can make better decisions?

Are you adopting both technology and process improvement strategies with a patient-centric focus to create greater efficiencies in both business and clinical processes?

Our Offering

Our Healthcare practice helps our clients meet these challenges by building solutions that optimize existing healthcare IT investments for better business and care outcomes and by developing new platforms for your innovative care delivery models.

We bring our deep domain experience in healthcare and expertise in healthcare technology to each engagement. Our consultants analyze your problems, recommend a solution, and implement the solution.

Supported by our technology practice areas (Product Engineering, Cloud Transformation, Business Process Management, Analytics, Integration, and Enterprise Mobility) and leveraging a library of our pre-built solutions, we implement solutions in an extremely cost effective and efficient manner.

Our Advantage

Deep domain experience in healthcare systems

  • EMR and Hospital Management Systems
  • Telemedicine and Remote Patient Monitoring solution
  • Patient portals and mobile apps
  • Home Healthcare

Expertise in healthcare technology building blocks

  • FHIR information model and interoperability standard
  • Health Information Exchange via public exchanges
  • Healthcare standards compliant tech (HIPAA, ONC, HITRUST)

Healthcare Services

Platform Engineering

As an increasing number of healthcare organizations seek to create value by developing new and innovative care delivery models, they need technology partners who can re-architect existing applications or develop new platforms from scratch to drive digital reinvention. Our healthcare platform engineering service will help you conceive the entire platform, design the user experience, technically architect the solution using appropriate state of the art technologies, and implement the solution using agile development methodologies.

Integration Services

We will help integrate your existing or new solutions across the healthcare ecosystem to provide interoperability of clinical, operational and financial information allowing you to build innovative solutions to better serve your patients. We build customized point to point integrations as well as help you connect to patient records via Health Information Exchanges (HIE) exchange. Using Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) protocol and standardized semantics and coding, the integrations allow exchange of patient demographics, provider, appointments, as well as clinical information.

With over two decades of delivering large-scale, complex, cutting-edge integration solutions in several industries, we can also help you implement customized integrations using the most appropriate tools and techniques – from traditional Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) to hybrid integration models leveraging APIs and integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS).

Mobility Solutions

Whether you are looking for improved collaboration between care team members, re-evaluating new clinical workflows for virtual or remote settings, or looking to improve communication with patients, mobility solutions provide high value for both patients and providers.

With experience of developing general patient mobile apps as well as specialized apps for telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, and paramedic apps to deliver home health care, we will help you develop your mobility solution, including solutions with embedded video, that will provide the user experience and robustness required for healthcare settings. Our solutions are designed with end to end data security and HIPAA compliance built in.

Data and Analytics

Our Data and Analytics service enables an organization to gain deeper insights into its clinical and organizations operations – and these insights can help improve patient flow, safety, quality of care and the overall patient experience. Our analytics solutions not only automate the reporting of performance metrics, but also support strategic planning and day-to-day operations by enabling the creation of a wide range of reports, dashboards and scorecards that provide users at all levels of the organization insight into day-to-day operations, all of which helps improve service levels.

Business Process Management

Our BPM service helps healthcare organizations gain transparency and control of their business processes by implementing state-of-the-art solutions to discover, model, analyze, measure, and improve operational processes. Traditional EMR systems offer improvements in terms of transactional clinical processes, but often fail to optimize enterprise-wide value chains. We implement business process management solutions “on top” of existing EMRs – a strategy that avoids the costly and painful process of changing or re-implementing the EMR system. We partner with several leading BPM platform vendors – including IBM, Software AG, Oracle, Signavio to deliver cutting-edge BPM solutions.

Cloud Transformation

Techlogix utilizes next-generation Cloud technologies to help healthcare organizations undertake successful digital transformations of business processes and operating models. We help enterprises in moving to Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and other leading cloud platforms, enabling our customers to:

  • Reduce costs of hosting applications and data
  • Speed up the process of developing and rolling out new applications on the cloud infrastructure
  • Enable innovative ways to deliver service to consumers through social, mobile, and analytics
  • Improve the reliability and security for deployed applications
  • Meeting end users’ needs more flexibly

Pre-built Modules

Electronic Medical

Record (EMR)

A lightweight EMR that provides comprehensive patient charts and documentation tools and an unparalleled clinical user experience. With configurable workflows to suit the clinician’s speciality and practice, a customizable library of templates to build notes, clinicians can quickly start using the EMR.

Built on international standards, the EMR meets your regulatory requirements and is designed for interoperability within the healthcare ecosystem.


A comprehensive telemedicine solution that allows video consultations with or without appointments, advanced waiting room management and secure medical records and pictures sharing during the appointment.

The customizable architecture allows you to create innovative care delivery models and workflows by easily integrating the solution with your existing technology components.

Patient Mobile Apps

Intuitive patient mobile apps that allow patients to connect with their medical record and with their care team. With one touch access for most common tasks, notifications and alerts for reminders, and secure messaging, patients stay engaged and informed. .

The iOS and Android apps integrate with EMRs through standard interfaces and can be extended and customized for your particular use cases.

Success Stories

Urgent Home Healthcare

An integrated enterprise grade platform for urgent home healthcare delivery for ​a Massachusetts based provider. The platform, which includes mobile apps for patients, providers and paramedics and portals and dashboards for the operations team, has reduced time to schedule visits, increased visibility and dramatically improved overall customer experience for the patient as well as the providers.

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Remote Patient Monitoring

Neutrino RPM is an innovative way to connect patients with their healthcare providers to communicate periodic updates on their condition between visits. It includes a proprietary survey engine that generates a set of targeted questions customized to the specific history and condition of the patient. An easy to use mobile app, that is available for most Apple and Android smart phones and tablets, asks patients to respond to these questions from the comfort of their home.

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