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Techlogix enhances EOBI with Mobile Money
May 2012

Techlogix has successfully rolled out the second phase of a Government to Person (G2P) disbursements project at Employees Old-Age Benefits Institution (EOBI) to integrate with third party Mobile Money service providers to significantly expand the scale of beneficiary outreach.

  • With Techlogix's implementation of Phase I of the EOBI Facilitation system, EOBI embarked on a technology driven reinvention that resulted among numerous other benefits, in reducing the post roll-out registration time for employers by 50%; and for employees by 95%.
  • Through the integration of EOBI's Facilitation System with Telenor Easypaisa and National Bank of Pakistan, Techlogix has transformed EOBI into an IT driven service led organization aiming for the highest levels of customer convenience.
  • Out of 60,000 registered employers, over 14,000 have already shifted to Facilitation System. Over 150,000 employees/ have registered through the Facilitation System.
  • Techlogix has used its BPX Methodology at EOBI, a structured approach to addressing the full lifecycle of delivering BPM & SOA based solutions.
Real-Time Mobility: Techlogix's G2P Solution for EOBI:   Supporting Quotes:
  • Employee Old-Age Benefits Institution (EOBI), the national pension scheme in Pakistan, disburses pension payments to 400,000 individuals each month. Over 5 Million employees at 60,000 employers have to make quarterly contributions to EOBI.

  • EOBI selected Techlogix to implement the automation initiative with the goal of dramatically improving the coverage, accuracy and ease of G2P payments from collecting pension contributions from employers and disbursement to beneficiaries.

  • Phase I of the project went live on 1st July 2011, and provided the following benefits to stakeholders:
  • An online portal available to all Employers, Employees & Beneficiaries
  • Registration of Insured Person/Employees
  • Generation of automated Payment Vouchers
  • Automation of EOBI internal workflows to manage business processes
  • Email based Notifications to Employers, employees and EOBI designated officers
  • Availability of various online reports for employers, employees, EOBI IT and business users
  • Techlogix hit the headlines again with the release of integrations of EOBI's system with Easypaisa and NBP.
  • By January 1, 2012, upon getting registered at any Telenor franchise, Telenor sales and service centers or Tameer Micro Finance Bank branch pensioners could now withdraw pensions from Easypaisa outlets across Pakistan. This provides real time pension disbursement to the beneficiaries and reporting interfaces to EOBI.
  • March 1, 2012 saw the Integration of the Facilitation System with National Bank of Pakistan for electronic contribution payments.
  • Phase II of EOBI's Facilitation System went live on 26th April 2012,introducing
  • Self-Registration of Insured Persons, allowing self employed persons to get registered with EOBI. Now with this self employed persons will be able to register and generate contribution voucher via the web portal.
  • Online Registration of Employers/ Prospective employer, allowing potential employers to submit the Employer Registration form and start the registration process online via the web portal.
  • Governance mechanisms such as Key Process Indicators KPIs and Dashboards for EOBI IT and Business Users.
"EOBI is upholding the cause of working class welfare for the past 35 years. Techlogix has played an instrumental role in the launching of this facilitation system for employers & employees, which is a significant step towards better serving the masses of Pakistan."

Zafar Iqbal Gondal,
Chairman, EOBI


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Employees' Old-Age Benefits Institution (EOBI) is a semi-autonomous institution working under auspices of Ministry of Human Resource Development. Old-Age Benefits Institution (EOBI) manages implementation and enforcement of compulsory social insurance. Under EOB Scheme, Insured Persons are entitled to avail benefit like, Old-Age and Invalidity Pensions and Grants.

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