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Techlogix Celebrates Its Commitment to A Knowledge Community Stretching Enterprise Boundaries
February 2012

Techlogix KnowledgeShare Forum 2011

In line with its tradition from the last two years, Techlogix, a leading global consulting and IT Services Company, organized the 3rd Techlogix KnowledgeShare Fair - TKSF 2012, as part of its uncompromising commitment to enabling excellence by learning and sharing.

  • The TKSF event is Techlogix's exclusive annual learning & networking industry & academia event that aims to inculcate knowledge based business culture within Techlogix and communities of business associates as well as students by offering courses spanning the diverse spectrum of technologies and functional domains that the company works in.
  • This initiative by Techlogix, free of cost to select invitees, is a reaffirmation of the company's core values of intellect, professional excellence, integrity and social responsibility.
  • Prominent academicians and practitioners of the Pakistani IT & corporate sector such as Dr. Zeeshan Usmani of Interactive Group, Dr. Fakhar Lodhi of FAST, Dr. Sohaib Khan of LUMS, Dr. Gohar Wajid, Dr. Aftab Ahmad of GIKI, Mr. Nasser Aziz of CMW, Mr. Khalid Ahmed Khan of Expert Systems, Ms. Andleeb Abbas of Franklin Covey Pakistan, Mr. Nahil Mahmood of OWASP and Mr. Muhammad Ali of Kinverg also graced the occasion by contributing valuable insight and experience as guest speakers.
  • A community of 30 organizations exchanged knowledge and ideas at the event. The attendees included 100+ people from Techlogix business associates representing organizations such as Higher Education Commission, Askari Bank, Khushali Bank, Ufone, Mobilink, NRSP Bank, United Bank Limited, Shaukat Khanum, LESCO, EOBI, PTML and several leading universities including LUMS, GIKI, Punjab University, PUCIT, UET Peshawar and BUITMS, Quetta.
  • Students representing the cream of key IT schools such as LUMS, UET & PUCIT also participated actively. The remaining 200 participants were employees from the Techlogix team in the Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad offices.
TKSF2012 Brings Fresh Perspectives to its Audiences   Supporting Quotes:
  • Every year in Techlogix, for 3-4 days, everyone, from the newest engineers to the C-Level business strategists, closes down shop for day to day business activities and takes turns to exchange their skills and expertise in a drive for sharing knowledge for even better productive teams.

  • TKSF is hosted by the Techlogix Knowledge Center of Excellence – TKCOE, the knowledge management & skills development wing of the company. TKCOE opens its doors with a slogan of "Live Connect to our Neural Network" to welcome a diversified group of guests for an exchange of ideas and expertise.

  • This year, TKSF2012, a four day event from 23rd Feb to 26th Feb, played host to over 300 participants. It was attended by professionals, business associates, students, guest speakers and technology trainers from within Techlogix as well as the industry comprising of leading universities, financial institutions, manufacturing concerns and Telecom companies etc.

  • The event offered sessions on more than 25 topics:
  • The courses included nine 2.5 day-long deep dive hands-on sessions on Techlogix key practice areas:
    1. Software Design & Architecture
    2. Oracle Database & PL/SQL
    3. Performance Testing Using HP LoadRunner
    4. Business Process Management - BPM using IBM WebSphere
    5. Oracle Fusion Middleware (SOA Suite 11g)
    6. PeopleSoft Enterprise Campus Solutions
    7. FlexCube Islamic Banking
    8. Business Intelligence Using Oracle BI Suite
    9. iPhone Development
  • The tenth track running in parallel to the technology sessions was 2.5 days of back to back 1-2 hour short talks on a variety of IT and business topics:
    1. Mr. Muhammad Ali, Principal Consultant at Kinverg on "Managing the People Side of Change: A road less travelled!"
    2. Ms. Andleeb Abbas, CEO Franklin Covey Pakistan on "Unleashing Effectiveness, Discovering Greatness"
    3. Mr. Khalid Ahmed Khan, CEO, Expert Systems & President, PMI LHR Chapter on "Re-inventing Project Management"
    4. Mr. Usman Ahmed, Chief Technologist, Techlogix on "Design Patterns for Application Integration"
    5. Dr. Sohaib Khan, Department Chair of Computer Science, LUMS on "Computer Vision"
    6. Dr. Gohar Wajid, Medical Educationist on "Planning a teaching session at higher cognitive levels"
    7. Dr. Zeeshan Usmani, Head of Research, Interactive Group on "Lets Program Your Life"
    8. Dr Aftab A. Malik, Dean CS, GIKI on "Business Ethics"
    9. Dr. Fakhar Lodhi, Professor, FAST-NUCES on "Aspect-Oriented Programming - The Next Generation Programming Paradigm"
    10. Mr. Nahil Mahmood, Founder & President of Cloud Security Alliance Pakistan on "Gems To help you achieve a fulfilling life"
    11. Dr. Zeeshan Usmani, Head of Research, Interactive Group on "Simulation & Modeling of Suicide Bombing"
    12. Mr. Nasser Aziz, Principal Associate, Creative Management Workshops on "Level 5 Leadership"
    13. Mr. Salman Akhtar, Co-CEO Techlogix on "Processes and Outcomes"
  • The last half-day was "Open Mic" with anyone free to volunteer teaching any topic of their personal interest as long as it was not technical in nature. This last track saw topics ranging from Sea World, Social Short Film Showing, Yoga & breathing techniques and the last 6000 years of History.
  • The event was professionally organized with attention to detail on all aspects from registration and reception to inviting feedback.
  • The atmosphere was thus charged with a spirit of sharing and celebration of the diversity of skills and expertise within the Techlogix family.
  • Instructors and organizers were honored for their efforts and contribution in an awards ceremony.
  • The first three days were devoted to the learning event and were open to outside guests whereas the last day closed the fair in a celebration of knowledge through a workforce and family outdoor picnic culminating in a perfect ending to view the flag lowering ceremony at the Wagah Border.

    So, the workforce departed for their homes infused with a reavowal and refreshed spirit of patriotism and better service of country and company to mark Techlogix firmer and farther on the map.
"We are delighted by the consistent support and positive response of enterprises and individuals from within our business associates and academia in terms of enthusiastic participation in TKSF 2010-2012. This year was further enriched with diverse perspectives, experiences and insights contributed by our inspirational guest speaker panel. It was an effort on our part to invest in our community by empowering them with cutting edge technical and industry knowledge. We look forward to working with the corporate and education sectors on similar exchanges of intellectual as well as business value in future."

Salman Akhtar,
Co-CEO of Techlogix


"Currently at Techlogix Pakistan, we are focusing towards new market identification with clearly focused areas of growth in Financial and Higher Education Verticals. Our new markets are in the Middle East, CIS and ASEAN countries. In the last two years our growth has compelled us to open further offices in Malaysia and Singapore while a new office is coming up in Philippines. Our projects are being implemented in 15 different countries which span from Turkey to Philippines. Hence we are truly creating a multinational out of Pakistan."

Mir Maaz Mahmood,
VP Business Development, Techlogix


"There is a difference between an 'organization' and an 'institution'. Traditions turn an organization into an institution. I can see the making of an 'institution'."

Ehsan Qadir,
Senior Vice President, Askari Bank Limited


"Techlogix KnowledgeShare fair has infused a new value of being great."

Ayaz Ahmed,
Project Director / IT Head, EOBI


"The KnowledgeShare Fair has been a wonderful event which has boosted the technical skills of Ufone associates with practical enablement and provided a platform for further knowledge to build up state-of-the-art systems. I wish Techlogix the best for their future road map to organize the event in an even better way as a process of continual improvement."

Syed Mubashir Hasan,
National Manager IT, Ufone


"This is an initiative, unprecedented in the industry, on the part of Techlogix that has further strengthened Crescent's confidence in the Techlogix team's expertise in so many varied dimensions. The high quality training that the Crescent staff has received will result in even better collaboration and project execution by the integrated teams of both parties."

Mr. Noor Ellahi,
Head of IT at Crescent Bahuman


"Techlogix has provided an excellent professional service through this fair by teaching and sharing knowledge by their workforce. It has given us the dimension to think and get the solution of our strategic and operational issues that are crucial for our success. The sessions I have attended have communicated the workable approach for how to think, process and deliver the solution for software applications and services."

Ms. Aneela Naseem,
Project Manager CMS with Higher Education Commission, Pakistan


"It is a great effort by Techlogix indeed; needs to be now taken to a broader level involving more industries, young graduates and other stakeholders. Keep it up and keep diversifying it. Highly applaud the hospitality of your team and organization."

Mr. Fasieh Mehta,
Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB), Government of Punjab

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