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Higher Education
Implementing Integrated Solutions in the Academic Environment
Most Universities grapple with the buy versus build debate. The realization that the core competence of higher education institution lies in teaching and research, and not software development, is the most compelling argument in favor of the buy option. Once the decision is taken, the next step is to replace legacy systems that, more often than not, have the following shortcomings:
  • Not integrated
  • Not robust
  • Not scalable
  • Not well supported and documented (particularly the home-grown variety)
  • Not secure (a major limitation)
Implementing Enterprise-wide Industry Strength Solutions offers the following advantages:
  • Consistent data view across different functions in the University; something that disparate, disconnected systems never provide;
  • Web-based solutions offering extensive self-service facilities mean that students, faculty and staff have access to pertinent information at any time or place;
  • Robust, secure, scalable and extensible solution offer flexibility and growth;
  • These systems reduce administrative overhead by leveraging technology. The ensuing savings can be reallocated to other areas.
Techlogix and the Higher Education Vertical
Techlogix is a leading regional provider of the following applications for Higher Education Sector in the region: Our consultants, with extensive domain knowledge and experience about the business processes unique to colleges and universities, ascertain the specific needs of the client and then use our proprietary CSX Methodology to deliver an optimal solution.
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