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So yes, BPM + SOA is important. Maybe even revolutionary. But getting these right remains a challenge as practitioners in the field know only too well. In many ways, BPM and SOA platforms have outpaced their practice. What that means is that while we do have the cutting edge technology platforms to build BPM & SOA solutions, the process of doing so still uses the old ways of IT.

So how do we do BPM + SOA right?
We believe that a tuned methodology is essential for successful delivery of solutions by three key stakeholders:
  • The Business Owner
  • The BPM Group Owner
  • The IT Owner
A successful methodology should cover the full lifecycle of a solution starting from Fitness Analysis (should we even use BPM or SOA?) through integration within the IT landscape, estimation, resourcing, the Analysis and Design phases, progress tracking through development, testing and finally integrating analytics and monitoring with process. And all of this should be done in a way that lays the foundation for continuous improvement by the Business Ownership after deployment.

The BPX Methodology has been developed by Techlogix over the past 3 years and implemented for customers in the Financial Services, Telecom, Government, Utilities and Manufacturing sectors. We have also successfully used the BPX methodology across multiple BPM platforms including Savvion, IBM, Software AG and Lombardi.
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